The Challenge

10,000+ Units Global Restaurant Brand

Enable Turnaround and Growth

OPS Excellence and Profitability

OPS/Tech Engagement

Complex Franchise and Corporate Network

Brand Alignment

  • Collaborate and enable global QSR brand’s turnaround and performance improvement

  • Align objectives and performance improvement initiatives across a hundreds of franchise owners and multiple internal corporate teams

  • Support a post brand acquisition process and new executive leadership to unlock the brand’s growth potential

+6% EBITDA Improvement

Collaborative and Accountable Work Culture

Program Expectations

Drive Restaurant and Operator Profitability to fund future growth, fire up the guest and work together based on 3 Financial Levers:

Driving Sales

Lower Operating Expenses

Capital Cost Reduction

The Process

  • Co-creation of the strategic vision and transformation roadmap to actively drive the top and bottom lines — delivering EBITDA, cash flow and working capital

  • Provide system operators with practical guidance and proven practices essential in identifying opportunities and improving restaurant profitability

  • Develop and implement a P&L benchmarking approach model, processes, systems and tools that restaurants can implement in their day to day operations, followed by ongoing monitoring and results analysis to help guide operators to financial success

    • System Standard Chart of Accounts – Comparable Financial Statement, particularly GP and Labor
    • Benchmark Technology Engine – Restaurant’s GP performance vs. top 20% Franchise Group / DMA / Division / System
    • KPI Balanced OPS & Financial Scorecard to provide visibility, accountability and a continuous measurable process improvement

Enhance value through a comprehensive continuous process improvement and scorecard methodology

Delivered Value

7% Average Increase in Restaurant Level Profitability

Conceived the strategic vision and roadmap transformation of the Cost & Controls brand platform aimed to improve 4%-10% restaurant level and operator profitability by standardizing accounting systems, creating a P&L benchmarking process, and delivering tools and systems for end-users

6% Incremental Sales

Executed a US system-wide electronic payment strategy, including the rollout of credit and debit card acceptance, and guest value loyalty card, accounting for over 30% of system sales and 6% incremental sales

Collaboration and Synergies delivering 4% Improved Profitability

Directed 24 strategic partnerships to leverage the brand’s purchasing power and account for 4% improved profitability. Implemented strategic operations initiatives to support the 9,000-restaurant system turnaround and performance improvement to increase operations excellence and restaurant-level economics

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