The Challenge

3X Growth / 4,000 Restaurants

Enable Growth

10+ % COS Reduction Y1

31 countries / 2,000 SKU / 500 vendors / $450 million spend

6 Global Organizations

Collaboration / Synergies / Synchronization

The Challenge

  • Procurement organization too lean to deliver maximum value, lack of corporate and purchasing goals and minimal performance accountabilities within the supplier base

  • Purchasing team only had time for tactical procurements and did not always engage suppliers at the appropriate management level

  • Complacent supplier relationships making it difficult to drive out cost and improve value

Annualized savings of  $5.1M  ROI 6:1

Collaborative and Accountable Work Culture

The Process

  • Identified KPI’s and goals to ensure that the purchasing organization is aligned and working properly with clarity of roles and accountabilities

  • Relaunched the brand to the supply base creating a sense of anticipation, excitement and opportunity

  • Conducted strategic procurement and negotiations skill training to facilitate goal achievement

  • Identified and detailed procurement process elements, alterations, organizational enhancements, and supplier relationships that may be required to support the same (or better) quality and service with decreased costs

Enhance value through a comprehensive Spend Analysis

Delivered Value

Achieved annualized savings of $5.1 MM / ROI 5.7
Created, implemented and trained (for sustainability) a strategic procurement infrastructure and resulting in bottom line improvements in food, paper, supplies and services spend categories
Delivered a new strategic Procurement Management Operating System and collective efforts provided focus, operating discipline, strategic sourcing preparation, strategic procurement assistance and related strategic procurement training
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